Why Does My Asus Tuf Laptop That Has A Gtx 1650 Run Destiny At 60 Fps On An External Display But 20 Fps On The Built In Display

Gaming is an immersive experience, but what if your ASUS TUF laptop, equipped with a GTX 1650 graphics card, showcases a perplexing inconsistency in Destiny’s frames per second (FPS)? This article embarks on a journey to unravel the reasons behind this enigma and offers solutions to optimize your gaming adventure.

1. Demystifying the ASUS TUF Laptop and GTX 1650

Let’s begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the ASUS TUF laptop and the GTX 1650 graphics card. Grasping their specifications and capabilities is vital to solving the FPS puzzle.

2. The Enigma of FPS Discrepancy

Why does your laptop display such a pronounced difference in FPS, with 60 fps on an external screen and only 20 fps on its built-in display while playing Destiny? This question forms the core of our investigation as we explore various factors contributing to this divergence.

3. Potential Factors Behind the FPS Gap

Numerous factors can influence FPS in gaming. We will investigate possible explanations, including hardware limitations, display settings, and software configurations. Our aim is to pinpoint the underlying cause of this disparity.

4. Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Irrespective of the root cause, there are concrete steps you can take to elevate your gaming experience. We will provide practical tips and solutions to help you achieve smoother gameplay and bridge the FPS divide.


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